Tunes for a Summer Road Trip

Summer is the perfect time to plan a road trip and there’s something special about a car full or friends and family heading out for a summer adventure on the road. If you are planning a road trip, ensure you have your driver’s license to hand before setting out, as it is illegal to drive without one. To find a driving school check out the website linked. If you need a car for your trip, you can rent a vehicle with Sixt.

So, you have a road trip coming up with some good friends this summer and want a playlist that you will all agree upon? Here are some song suggestions that will help get that happy road trip vibe going. The songs should help that feeling of movement, provide anticipation of the beach or a party, or have to be fun to sing along to, poorly or not, but at the top of everyone’s lungs.

1.    More Than A Feeling—Boston.

A feel good song that makes people happy

2.    Bohemian Rhapsody—Queen.

Thanks to the movie, “Wayne’s World”, it is now pretty much a requirement while riding in a car to sing along to all the parts in this song, including the guitar solo.

3.    Kashmir—Led Zeppelin.

The strutting guitars and the beat, along with the dreamlike imagery combine to make a good road trip song.

4.    Low Rider—War.

For anyone who has watched Cheech and Chong’s “Up In Smoke,” it is almost a requirement when on a road trip.

5.    Good Vibrations—Beach Boys.

Between the harmonies and changing tempo, this classic is a great choice for heading to the beach.

6.    Mustang Sally—Wilson Pickett

The beat and the double entendres make this a fun sing along.

7.    Respect—Aretha Franklin.

What is more fun than singing and dancing in the car to this? “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, tell me what it means to me.”

8.    Me & Bobby McGee—Janis Joplin

A classic by a singer with heart and soul in every note

9.    Uncle John’s Band—Grateful Dead

Harmonies and timeless lyrics bring to mind summers listening to a band.

10.    Walking On Sunshine—Katrina & The Waves.

Can anyone listen to this and not feel happy?

11.    Staying Alive—Bee Gees.

Try to listen to this without trying to sing along in falsetto with the Gibbs.

12.    So What—Pink.

Attitude through and through, great to sing along

13.    You Oughtta Know—Alanis Morissette.

The best break-up song ever, so angry and hurt. Fun to sing along with, while thinking of the person who broke your heart.

14.    Under The Boardwalk—The Drifters.

Change of pace here, with the beautiful harmonies and the ability to evoke a day at the beach; it is a perfect summer road trip song.

15.    On The Road Again—Willie Nelson.

No need to comment here…got to include old Willie.

16.    Country Roads—Bob Denver.

Good for a day trip out in the country.

17.   The city of New Orleans—Willie Nelson.

This song brings to mind sunny, warm days, feeling free.

18.    Don’t Worry Be Happy—Bobby McFerrin.

Go ahead, try to be grouchy after hearing Bobby sing this.

19.    Three Little Birds—Bob Marley.

Again, a happy, simple song that is easy to sing along to.

20.    Life is a Highway—Rascall Flatts.

Self-explanatory, evokes the road. Trucking—Grateful Dead. Classic road trip song.

21.    Highway To Hell—AC/DC.

For those times stuck in heavy traffic.

22.    Crazy Train—Ozzy Osbourne.

This song sends you riding the crazy train with Ozzy.

23.    Day Tripper—The Beatles.

Day trip tunes about a girl and her car.

24.    Pink Cadillac—Aretha Franklin.

Included for the car reference, and the line, “oozing down the street.”

25.    Where the Streets Have No Name—U2.

Street reference and pleasant listening

In conclusion, when setting up a playlist for a summer road trip, try to include songs that evoke summer or the drive that everyone knows and loves. Tailor this to your library and personal tastes and you can’t go wrong.

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