How to Get Into The Music Production Industry

Breaking into music production is not easy, nor is it usually a matter of overnight success. Like any dream worth pursuing, it takes dedication, time, education and plain hard work to succeed as a music producer. If one listens to music and thinks, “I could do better!” or, has a vision of where they think the next musical trend is going, and wasn’t to work hard for many years, this would be an excellent career choice. They will not be the one who receives the glory or fame, like the artists, but the producer is an integral piece of the tapestry of music that is created.

Learn at least one Instrument:

Learn at least one instrument, such as piano or guitar, something that is versatile in any genre and become proficient. This way one can discuss music with the artists from a position of understanding. Knowing musical notation is an excellent skill as well. Reading music is also an essential skill that can help you establish yourself as a music producer.

Get some base Educational Degree or Diploma:

Studying music production at a university or college is a great way to learn the fundamentals and key concepts that will help establish yourself as a music producer. Technology is changing so rapidly that what is learned one year is obsolete the next, but that education will help ground them in the concepts and principles of the technology used so that they can continue to learn as the technology changes. In the structured setting of college, a person receives hands-on experience with the latest technology. It is highly recommended that if a person wants to be a music producer, they take internships whenever possible to develop contacts, begin networking and gaining real-life experience.


Networking is key to breaking into the music industry. As contacts and experience is gained, so are clients. Soon the budding producer will have many gigs between networking and word-of-mouth.

High Work Load:

Expect to work 10-12 hours a day for many years. In music production, there is no such thing as overnight success, no matter how it may appear to others. Hard work and a genuine love for music, along with a little bit of luck, will help a person achieve success. George Martin, who produced the Beatles, had been relegated to the novelty records division for many years before being their producer. Without George Martin’s magical touch and ear, the Beatles may not have achieved their massive success. His experience in novelty records gave him a comfort with experimentation and novelty that came in handy, starting particularly with their album, “Rubber Soul” in 1965.


Providing recording services to friends and acquaintances for free or reduced rates to gets the budding producer’s sound out so that others can hear it and there will be paying clients as experience grows.

At this time in history, there are many jobs that can be successfully done no matter the location. Being a music producer is not one of those careers. To achieve success, a person must be willing to relocate to where the major studios and talent are located; New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and other major cities, where the action is. If the chosen genre is country, then Nashville or Branson would be a good location. If the genre is Pop or Classical music, then LA or New York City would be a better choice. In conclusion, if a person wants to be a music producer, they cannot expect overnight success. It will take years of hard work, love, and dedication focused upon their goal; which is, making music they think the world needs to hear. It means late nights and determination. The pay is not high at an average of around $49,000 annually so the love of music must be the driving force.





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